Thrift Store Find!

This coat was coming apart at the seams under the one arm and needed reinforced on the other.  In the shoulder, the lining fabric was starting to fray.



The armholes are reinforced and closed.  The black lace by the collar adds a beautiful touch and helps to ensure no further damage to the lining while closing up the holes that were starting to form.

Work Attire

Hems, hems, hems.  Work pants often need hems and we get requests for that often!  

Blouse too droopy or low cut? try taking up the shoulders!

If you have recently lost weight, we can help take in garments as well.

Adjustable Waist Skirt

The original elastic waistband was removed.  The new elastic was put in so that the front is flat and the back is gathered.  The elastic itself has button holes in it and can be pulled tighter/looser as needed.  

Take in Elastic Belt

An online order is always tricky with sizing.  This elastic belt came in too large and so it needed to be taken in.  

Work Dress

You gotta love a thrift store find!  Most things need some tweaking to fit perfectly.  This dress needed an elastic band to be added to the waist.  The difference is astounding!

Take in 2 inches on a skirt by a zipper

This one was tricky!  We had to take in the skirt by the zipper to preserve the pattern on this unique skirt.  

Length and weight added to work pants

These were originally purchased as cheap work pants from Wal-Mart.  The customer is tall and often struggles to find pants that are long enough.  The fabric is stretchy and so through the day, it would start bunching up.  This sequin lace was added for length and weight so that the pants stay long all day.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shells

Turtle shells were measured and designed using a plastic mesh.  An old skirt was used as the brown fabric and the plastic mesh was placed so that a cool design would be made.  The pieces were sewn together using yellow yarn.  The back pieces are two layered with cotton fluff to make the shells "pop" out.  Ribbons were used to connect the back and front pieces into a "sandwich sign" style costume.  

Beauty & The Beast

This was originally made for a Senior Prom. The theme ended up being "Midnight Masquerade" which made this dress a perfect fit for the occasion!